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Quicker detection of manufacturing defects

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Quicker detection of manufacturing defects

Quicker detection of manufacturing defects

ID: F1601-04

Manufacturers aspire to zero defects and minimal manufacturing wastage from their manufacturing lines. An effort developed the hardware and software needed for zero-defect parts with minimal scrap, helping to make sure sustainable and competitive manufacturing. Defects created during manufacturing are presently detected offline during the last production phase, causing tremendous loss of time and cash and creating unwanted scrap. To stay away from such end-of-line failures, a project set off to develop a new built-in quality control solution to increase product quality and competition. The system aims for dependable and sustainable production with a near-zero problem and scrap target. It consists of sensors and actuators and its controlling software enables real-time multi-data gathering and analysis. Efficiency monitoring of the different steps in manufacturing processes is uninterrupted. This assists to mitigate defects within or between procedures and to enhance their robustness. The project developed new hardware and software solutions that include technological, modelling and methodological innovations into built-in quality control systems for production. It also developed novel sensor and examination gear, tracking and prognosis knowledge-based models, smart fixtures and decision-making tools. The sensors and examination methods immediately take action whenever faults are detected by the advanced monitoring and diagnostic systems. To validate the technical solutions, the project carried off demonstration tasks through real-life usage cases from the automotive, customised medicine and green power industries. The industry evaluating proved the feasibility of zero-defect production for sustainable and competitive European production. The project introduced monitoring tools for the production line that can counteract and fix defects quicker and sooner. This will end up in the reduction of expenses and less downtime and wastage while creating higher quality and safer items.

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